Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit - NP
  • Advanced Whitening Kit - NP

Advanced Whitening Kit - NP




Same dental grade kit sold by Dentists that delivers professional results


This Advanced Non Peroxide Eternal White Teeth Whitening Kit is a professional teeth whitening system that provides fantastic long lasting whitening results in the comfort of your home or office. Almost 70% of teeth whitening treatments offered by dentists in the Australia are now done exclusively with a complete simple and safe to use take home whitening kit. Best of all our unique Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit has no messy mouth trays.


CelebritySmile.com.au even sells this exact kit to dentists, and their patients love them because they provide really incredible results and are safe and so easy to use in the privacy of their own home.


It is so easy to use, you just use the kit once a day for 5-10 days and you will see dramatic noticeable results after first treatment and spectacular results after one week or 10 days use. This is the least expensive way in the world to get professional teeth whitening results.


This kit is great value for money and includes 2 professional teeth whitening pens for 6 months worth of teeth whitening treatments. We have also included a desensitizing gel to apply to teeth after each treatment which will help strengthen enamel and desensitize sensitivity of the teeth. Plus as an added BONUS we also include a professional teeth shade guide to track the progress of your teeth becoming whiter and brighter.


This whitening kit is exclusive to Celebrity Smile Teeth Whitening and you will not find it sold anywhere else. These kits are highly advanced with dental grade gel and no messy mouth trays or syringes to wear over night or during the day. Simply twist and apply the whitening gel with the applicator pen on front of teeth and hold the gel activating blue led light in front for 20-30mins a day. The more treatments you do the whiter your teeth will become. Simple, safe and extremely effective.


If you have ever wanted that Celebrity Smile then we highly recommend this our best selling Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit to use at home.


Take Home Kit Features

  • 2 Highly Effective Non Peroxide Whitening Gels                                          
  • Stylish Satin Eternal White Zip Travel Wallet
  • Professional Blue LED Gel Activating Light with batteries
  • Advanced Dental Grade Desensitizing Gel   
  • Advanced Professional Shade Guide to Track your Results  
  • No Messy Mouth Trays to Mold
  • Professional Results just like a Dentist Treatment only much much Cheaper                                        


Complete Kit Contents

  • Stylish Satin Eternal White Zip Travel Wallet            
  • 2 x Non Peroxide Professional Dental Grade Whitening Gel Applicator Pens
  • 1 Years worth of Professional Whitening Gel 
  • Professional Blue LED Activating Light         
  • Advanced Dental grade Desensitizing Gel  
  • Advanced Professional Teeth Shade Guide
  • 1 Premium Clear Molded Cheek Retractor              
  • Detailed Instructions on Use 


DO NOT USE IF: Pregnant or lactating, your teeth are in poor health (decaying teeth, exposed roots, you wear braces, had recent oral surgery, jaw problems), allergic to peroxide. At-home treatments have risks involved and you should consult your dentist prior to use to see if the product is suitable for you prior to use. 


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